Worry and Fear is what got me here! You don’t have to go through the same!

Hi, I’m Ariane.

I help financially single women align their spending with their values and discover their options, so they can intentionally move towards the goals that excite them and leave situations that no longer suit them.

Born and raised in Germany into a frugal family I was basically weaned on good money habits.

Most of those habits stuck, others started to crumble when I moved to the US in 2007, where I found myself with a way too big house and the mortgage that came with it, right in time when the Big Recession hit.

Although I was still living very much within my means, but was mortified by having a big mortgage during a time when people were losing their jobs left and right.

I had just left a relatively secure job in a country with a decent safety net to accept an at will position in a business unit servicing industries that went from boom to bust in just a few short months.

To say it was a very stressful time in my life would be an understatement. Today I am grateful for the worry and fear I had to go through, as it also rekindled my passion for personal finance. I was stressed, but I still had a job, so I researched “recession preparedness” and created a “shit hit the fan” preparedness plan. This plan, included an emergency fund and a healthy savings cushion which later allowed me to pay off my mortgage early.

Luckily I didn’t lose my job, but knowing I was prepared and could last for a long while while searching for a new one, somewhat helped alleviate the stress at work. I also created options for myself, so I’d have choices, in case I needed them. I fully acknowledge, I was lucky and privileged, there’s no doubt about that.

When the economy improved, I realized, financial independence, something I had dreamed about for many years, was in reach if I downsized my house. In 2016 I decided to sell the house, which enabled me to quit my corporate job and pursue several passion projects.

Mentoring women at Tidy Up Your Finances is one of those passion projects.

I want women to have options and the choice to leave situations that no longer suit them. I want women to be empowered to proactively and intentionally move towards the goals that excite them. No fear or worry, just choices and options!

It’s time to get ahead! Get Started!